Travel destinations perfect for horse riding holidays

Let’s discuss about horse ranches best vacations. Combining nature, horse riding and relaxation in to the perfect holiday. This are the top places for a horse riding vacation, most of them are from the US but there are some other cool places outside the US.

The Medicine Bow Lodge Adventure Guest Ranch is nestled into the Snowy Range, about 20 miles from Saratoga, Wyoming, and two hours from Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Operating since 1917, the resort was most recently purchased by new owners in 2002, who truly enhanced the horsemanship of the ranch and riding possibilities. The maximum guest count is 15. Families will especially love the summer program, with all-day rides, breakfast rides, overnight pack trips, sunset trip rides, fish and ride scenic trips (one of the only ones in the nation!) and other options. Guests can also participate in horse grooming and feeding, or just watch or photograph.

At just 2 ½ hours from Denver, Colorado the Vee Bar Ranch is very easily accessible, but still a remote dude ranch family destination. Children of all ages are welcomed with open arms. While the outdoors provides a great deal of education and entertainment, there are other activities in which kids can partake. On campout night, everybody is welcome to participate in campfire games, listen to live music, roast s’mores, and enjoy the Vee Bar’s version of a branding—don’t forget your boots, belts, wallets, and hats! Your kids will never forget their experience on this kid friendly dude ranch!

Rancho Los Banos in the safe and secure area of Sonora, Mexico, is a 30,000-acre eco-adventure and nature-travel guest ranch, a genuine Mexican working cattle ranch and wilderness preserve. Catering to a new generation of adventure travelers, Los Banos provides Mexico horse riding holidays like no other, offering world-class hiking, horseback riding and trail rides along with walking and trekking wilderness and box canyon adventures. And with prices from just $130 per night – inclusive of lodging, meals, activities and airport transfers from Douglas, Arizona – you won’t find better value from any other Mexico adventure vacation.

A few details about dude ranches. Since dude ranches are typically family owned (some for many generations), they are super kid friendly. Ranch staff interact with kids and adults, making you feel like part of their family. Kids become friends with the wranglers, cooks and other families. Ask a wrangler and they’ll tell you that many guests become close and time their annual family vacations to be together year after year. Since ranches are located in mountains, and by rivers and prairies, their location can be remote. Find out the proximity of a ranch to the closest airport and available flights from your hometown. Ranch location determines the type of riding activities offered. These include overnight pack trips, hunting trips, and all-day rides. In addition, ranches may offer breakfast or lunch rides, cattle drives, team penning, cutting, and guest rodeos.

If you liked your horse ranch vacation you may think at starting with horse riding as a normal daily hobby. Starting with horse riding is not as expensive as it was before. Horses for sale are becoming less expensive and the maintenance is not very big compared to 10 years ago.

Horses for sale is a trending search on Google, more and more people discover that riding a horse every week or day is no longer something very expensive or an “aristocracy only” activity. Here is the top tip if you plan on buying a horse. Your number one priority should be your personal safety. It does not matter how good looking a horse is if it’s not well trained, well-mannered and with a steady temperament.

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