Short Oman Adventure Tours

This is a four day itinerary which takes you through all the areas of Oman. Your Oman adventures start with exploring the mountain region, then go off to the Wahiba sands to spend an unforgettable night in the desert. You then return to Muscat along the coast visiting the turtles at Ras al Jinz, ancient tombs and wadi’s. This trip offers a real insight to Oman and its different regions. It’s well worth doing!

You are picked up from your Muscat hotel by your experienced Omani guide. You head north to the foot of the Hajar mountains and to the village of Nakhal, where you can wander around its beautifully restored fort and rejuvenate yourself in the hot water springs. After lunch you head up into the mountains following a mountain trail, only accessible by 4×4 vehicle, to the picturesque village of Bilat Sait nestled up in the hills. Here you are able to wander around the old village absorbing its atmosphere. You then head to the summit of Jebel Shams, the highest and most accessible peak in the Sultanate.  From here you will be able to take in the beautiful vistas of Oman’s own grand canyon. You then check in to the Jebel Shams camp for the night, which is located on the summit of this mountain.

Then heading down the mountain in the morning gives you the opportunity to wander through the old souk in Nizwa where local Omanis sell their wares. The souk is nestled within the shadows of the dominant Nizwa fort walls. The fort itself offers an insight into what life would have been like for the Omani people a century or more ago. You then have the chance to visit Jebel Akhdar (Green Mountain), so called because of the abundant terraced gardens and farmed areas upon its plateau, two thousand metres above sea level.  Here you will be able to take in the spectacular views and also trek through these gardens, if you should chose to.  After lunch on the mountain you will visit the abandoned village of Birkat Al Mawz where you are able to wander through its cool narrow streets, and look around its old buildings, drawing on its eerie atmosphere.  Then you will head onto the Wahiba sands, travelling across the desert plain to your evening destination. Here you will be greeted with the traditional dates and coffee, and be able to ride on camels into the dunes to watch an unforgettable sunset before retiring to your camp for the night.

The third day starts with a viewing of the desert sunrise, should you chose to get up that early!  After an Arabic style breakfast you will head back to the main road through the desert dunes. A short distance from the desert up in the hills is a small oasis of calm.  Nestled up in the mountains you will find Wadi Bani Khalid.  This is one of Oman’s most beautiful wadis.  You will be able to relax on its rocks, and swim in its cool waters, whilst enjoying the surrounding views.  Then it’s onto Jalan Bani Bu Ali Mosque, an unrestored sandstone place of worship known for its 52 domes and traditional style.  After you have recharged your batteries you will head down to the coastal plain to Ras Al Jinz, home to the Greenback turtles.  In the evening you will have the opportunity to accompany a ranger down to the beach to witness these magnificent creatures laying their eggs on the shore.  You will spend the night in Ras Al Hadd.

Finally you will travel back towards Muscat along Oman’s eastern coastal highway which gives you dramatic views of the rugged coastline.  You will visit Sur where you will be able to see how the traditional dhow boats are made.  Some builders today are still using the traditional methods and materials to build these vessels, based on the original techniques as witnessed by Marco Polo in the 13th century.  You will then travel to the coastal village of Tiwi, where you will be able to explore its wadi, clambering over rocks and boulders to reach the cave at the top of the waterway.  You will have time to walk along the white sandy shore of Fins beach, and there is also the option to visit the Bimah sinkhole, which is a spectacular limestone crater filled with turquoise water that runs to the ocean.  You will then head back to Muscat along the coast and arrive back to your Muscat hotel for late afternoon.