The best travel blogs to visit in 2019

Let’s talk about top quality travel blogs in 2019. World is flooded with travel blogs so bloggers are forced to become more and more professional, comprehensive, posts get bigger and bigger, filled with more and more information, pictures and other travel things. Here are some travel blogs that i like visiting.

Travel Break, Steph Be is a California native who’s been on CNN and writes for several media channels including, Huffington Post, Elite Daily, Forbes, Matador Network, and many more. Steph is an extremely talented writer and content creator. She’s is also a great photographer! Her true talent lies in her knowledge of social media. She comes from a marketing background and has taught herself the ins and outs of social media and does it well. She recently published this awesome article, ” 7 Steps To Get “Influencers” to Share Your Product (As Told By One)”. She is another Latina that inspires and motivates and another representation of a kick ass female blogger.

The Everywhereist: Geraldine DeRuiter travels the world and eats. But she’s not your average Travel Foodie Blogger, as posts like 7 Badass Bavarian Foods You Must Try testify. Fox Nomad: Anil Polat’s tech guide to travel is the go-to blog for up-to-the-minute advice on wireless internet on the road, international SIM cards, and exactly which chargers you should be taking with you.

Annette White is the author of Bucket List Adventures and creator of Bucket List Journey, an award-winning travel blog. She is driven by collecting experiences and checking off her bucket list of adventures. The blog itself covers travel, food, lifestyle, tips and resources, and much more for readers who have their own bucket lists of adventures to take. A public relations pro turned award-winning travel and food blogger, Carol Cain is the woman behind Girl Gone Travel. Carol provides inspiration for friends, families, and lovers who want to travel, eat, and live life to the fullest. Because she wants to inspire everyone to hit the road and see all the world has to offer, Carol provides quick links to adventures, family adventures, girlfriend getaways, good eats and wine, hotels, local fun, and national parks on Girl Gone Travel.

Asiyami Gold is a travel blog run by Asiyami Gold who focuses on blending stunning photography with design and travel in a way that felt professional, yet personal. Her photography is almost as if it came straight out of a travel and fashion magazine. The muted color scheme, sharp detail and old-school grain effect give her content a unique blend between magazine-like fashion and travel that you don’t often find on a travel blog. Instead of having a travel blog design competing for the attention, the design of her travel blog stayed aside with a minimal black & white design allowing her unique style of photography to stand out front and center.

A blog that i like, a website that i like a lot, is TforTraveller , a travel blog with comprehensive travel posts. The content i like the most are the 72 hours guides, they are perfect for maximizing your fun in a short weekend break. Solo travellers will find top tips on how to navigate abroad safely and achieve the full benefits of hitting the road alone. Equally, those in group s will discover the best way to plan a trip to ensure that everyone is ticking off their bucket list while making friends along the way. Backpackers, adventure seekers, city breakers, wildlife enthusiasts, history buffs, culture vultures and foodies will find something especially for them here. See more travel info on