Travel as a huge stress relief tactic

Travel is a big learning method. Those who are accustomed to taking time to travel thus invest in their own health, according to studies cited in the report “The Destination of Healthy Aging: The Physical, Cognitive and Social Benefits of Travel,” published by the Global Coalition for Aging (GCA). For example, women who go on a trip at least twice a year have a significantly lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease compared to those who go on a trip every 6 years or less, according to a research conducted during 20 years, attended by women between 45 and 64 years. The results were valid even after important factors such as blood pressure were taken into account. Another study showed that women who go on trips have a 2-fold lower risk of having episodes of depression compared to those who do not go on trips.

Heavy weight travel trend , according to Round PlayGround, in 2019, situations that change the way people travel: Purpose-Driven Travel: More people will travel with intention in 2019, making mindful decisions about where and how they travel. These “belief-driven buyers” will choose destinations where their visit will make a meaningful impact on the community, and more will choose brands (travel and other) that align with their own personal values.

One friend mentioned one interesting point one day: there is a profound difference between a vacation and a trip. A vacation is a chance to relax, to spend hours at the beach in a row or to spend time with family or close friends. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. This is what makes a trip rewarding. It trains our mind, broadens our horizons and changes our preconceived ideas of what it is. Read more info on Staycation.

Teaches you to value your native country: If you go on trips and learn about new cultures, you will also see how yours is, you will rediscover yourself. You will observe the cultural differences between the peoples and you will see what makes their country unique. After you return from a longer trip you will see your country and city with other eyes.

From the solar eclipse craze of 2017 to the media coverage of the most recent Mars landing to our collective fascination with companies such as SpaceX and Blue Origin, we are increasingly looking beyond our atmosphere to find future destinations. But while galactic space flight might be a stretch in 2019, that isn’t holding intrepid travelers back from looking to the stars for their next trip. [New Mars lander safely touches down. What happens now?] To celebrate how far we’ve come, many will head to Houston this July for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing and the opening of the Apollo Mission Center, a National Historic Landmark that will feature programs and exhibitions throughout the month celebrating the monumental effort that took us to the moon.

Children play an influential role in family travel planning, with clear ideas about what constitutes an ideal trip. And families as a whole are starting to forego traditional beach vacations and Disney trips in favor of adventurous, off-the-beaten-path experiences. This preference for experiential travel over consumer-driven trips is beginning to have an impact on travel & tourism and is expected to play a dominant role in 2019. Source: Round PlayGround