Carpooling and tips on using mobility platforms

There are already about five million users that blablacar currently registers on its platform, and although as we know blablacar is safe. There are many doubts regarding the new forms of mobility derived from shared vehicle platforms and those derived from the so-called collaborative economy.

But when using this type of platform we must take certain things into account, and considering them we can avoid an unpleasant experience when using car-sharing platforms.

Tips for using a shared mobility platform from scooter city tours :

1 ) Do not wait until the last moment to book your trip, you will have more options when choosing the driver. Remember that you can consult the opinions of other users about a driver.

2 ) Do not share too much personal information with the driver.

3 ) Do not make reservations for other people, such as family or friends. If the car breaks down you may not be entitled to the transport pass to your destination as promised by the platform. Also in case of an accident the other person may not be entitled to compensation by not recognizing the insurance of the platform to the person concerned as a passenger of the vehicle.  In these cases, the insurance of the vehicle will have to pay the compensation.

4 ) If you are a driver, complete your form and talk about yourself and your tastes so that the rest of possible passengers trust you.

5 ) It is very important the communication, the driver must make very clear where he can pick up and the passengers where they would like to be left, that is to say, it is important before beginning the trip to know up to where the driver can approach the passengers since in most of the occasions it is impossible to leave them in the same door of his domicile.

Combine mobility platforms, car sharing carsharing

One of the most talked about platforms in Drivy, which already has 5,000 registered users in Spain. This new platform allows individuals to reserve a car for days to other individuals can also share their expenses with others.  With it any person can reserve a carsharing car and share the trip third parties, ie carpooling or carpooling with him through platform like Blablacar. This expands the possibilities because now not only car owners can share their trip with others, but drivers who do not have a car today, something very common in cities such as Madrid or Barcelona, can now book the car of a third party and share the trip with others.

The first advantage for the user of such platforms are clear, savings, but is also more consistent with a responsible use of motor vehicles, pollutants and are also in many cases underutilized.

What happens in case of an accident?

All the above mentioned platforms have agreements with prestigious insurers that supplement the compulsory traffic insurance that these vehicles have and that cover all occupants in the event of an accident. In addition, it covers the possible responsibilities of the driver in the event of a malfunction of the vehicle, which could cause a delay, providing a replacement vehicle. Source: