Is design important in holiday homes?

Why is interior design important in holiday homes? To believe that the interior design of holiday homes does not directly affect the benefits we can obtain from them, is to underestimate the value of an element that we at Minty Host know to be fundamental. Do you want to know the repercussion that interior design can have on your tourist apartment?

Interior design directly affects the price: would you spend the same amount of money on a designer home as on an apartment where you can see the passing of time? Surely your answer is no, something you share with any tourist. If a tourist pays the price that you have chosen for your house, it is because he considers that this one is worth it. And if your apartment is perfectly designed and equipped with everything you may need, it will be willing to pay a higher price than for another that is not. For this reason, the investment you make at the beginning will be amortized at the beginning of the activity, with a greater number of reservations at a higher price. In all this, you must also bear in mind that the opinions of other tourists who have found their stay in your property perfect will influence. Or, again, would you pay more for an apartment with bad reviews?

And is that far from what many people may come to think, the interior design of a tourist apartment has a direct and very important impact on the benefits we can obtain from our activity. However, if you are still not entirely clear about the relationship between the design of a holiday home and its subsequent performance in tourist rental platforms, today we give you some keys that will convince you of it.

Interior design in the bedroom of holiday homes

The interior design of holiday homes: a success factor as say the agency Barcelona apartments for rent. Hiring professional designers ends up saving you money: it is true that at first, you may think that hiring someone to do what you can do is far from saving you money. Interior design is something very subjective, which many people think they can solve on their own, with their own tastes and knowledge. However, there are many questions that only a professional of the sector can know and give a satisfactory answer. For example: are the colours chosen the right ones? Is there harmony between the different rooms of the holiday home? Are all the elements that a tourist may need in the home? Or am I simply making the most of the property? And the truth is that after years of experience we can say that the answer to that last question is no. Many of our clients are surprised at the possibilities of their home once it has been refurbished, at all those aspects that they had ignored for not being very important or for not realising its value. If you decide to remodel your own home and then you don’t get the expected results, you are going to have to rethink everything again, spending twice as much money on something that had an easier solution.

In Minty Host we advise all our clients in a personalized way, with the objective that they can obtain the maximum profitability of their property. A work of orientation that begins long before putting the housing in rent and that has as objective to begin the activity with the best possible guarantees. In this prior work of adjustment, the interior design of future holiday homes becomes a key element from which the rest of our actions will start.

A vacation home is chosen by the eyes: although the saying that you can’t judge a book by its cover is true, vacation homes are chosen because they are perfect in the eyes of the tourist. Think about it, what makes a tourist choose to click on one ad and not another? The image of the house is everything and if it catches your attention, you will click on the advertisement and want to see more about the apartment. But if it doesn’t appeal to you, you’ll continue your search. It is true that you will be able to value other things later, but if they like the house and imagine themselves in it, you have half of the work done. In short, a picture is worth a thousand well chosen words in the description of the property.

In short, a good interior design helps the tourist to make decisions, not only about accommodation in a city, but it has been proven that it also helps the tourist to choose between several destinations. A good interior design also stands out from other holiday homes. A competition that, let’s remember, is getting bigger and tougher every day. So why leave interior design to chance?