Eco friendly cork traction pads for the perfect surfing holiday fun

Looking for the best quality eco friendly cork traction pads for a fabulous surfing holiday? We will see a few cork traction pads with the focus on what we think are the best ones, the Shaka Surf pads and fins.

Where to surf? The iconic surf destination is famous for its huge waves, its beautiful surroundings and for its surfer camaraderie. Hawaii boasts the top surfing spots of Hanalei Point, Hanalei, Kauai; Banzai Pipeline, North Shore, Oahu; Maui and the Big Island beaches. Although one of the best-surfing destinations here is Oahu. The hot spots here are Waimea Bay; Off the Wall; Pipeline and Log cabins. The surfers are picky about who they share the waves herewith but the winter swells can’t be beaten. It can get crowded out in the water being such a popular surfing destination. Huge swells and water temperatures of 24 °C in January bring out all the best surfers. If you want to be by yourself with just challenging waves, rips, undertows and sharks try Pier One. The island beach parties and friendly smiles will make you feel at home and you’ll feel like the greatest surfer in the world having arrived at this world-famous surfer’s Mecca.

Boasting its beveled corners, the Dakine Unisex Superlite Surf Traction Pad is made from high-quality materials that elevate the look of your surfboard, making it more comfortable for you to ride on. This three-piece traction pad has a 25mm rolled ramp kick tail with beveled corners and a 7mm center arch. With its features, it gives more grip to the board, allowing you to enjoy your surfing adventure even more.

Our cork traction pads pick: 100% Cork Agglomerate offering superior traction for critical high performance surfing. We’re in love these sustainable traction pads: natural, renewable and recyclable they get the Shaka Surf stamp of approval. See additional info on

A broken fin can mess up a good surf day. If durability is important to you, The Ho Stevie! Fins are one of the most durable fins on this list. It’s made of fiberglass with a polymer. This gives the fin more flexibility than the average plastic fin. The company that sells this is even willing to replace it if it does break. The Ho Stevie! Fins are also thinly shaped, helping you have less drag while surfing. These are a great bargain at only $20. Cons: The Ho Stevie! Surfboard Fins aren’t the best for riding the biggest waves. It also doesn’t give as much explosive speed when you’re pumping.

A very good eco friendly surf fin is the one from Shaka Surf. Shaka Surf Store was started with a simple concept in mind, to use trash found on beaches and make something good from it. As surfers we became alarmed at the amount of trash we were seeing. Working with the best product designers, artists and fueled by a lot of coffee we created this store. We have plans to expand the range, but for now we’re just taking orders on eco surf fins. Read additional details at