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Travel attractions and holiday tips and tricks in Palmas Del Mar with Halfway down the east coast, south from Fajardo, lies the resort and luxury residential community of Palmas del Mar in the municipality of Humacao. Here you’ll find one of the most action-packed sports programs in the Caribbean, offering golf, tennis, scuba diving, sailing, deep-sea fishing, and horseback riding. Palmas del Mar’s location is one of its greatest assets. The pleasing Caribbean trade winds steadily blow across this section of the island, stabilizing the weather and making Palmas del Mar ideal for many outdoor sports. But the quickest way to get here from San Juan is to head south to along Hwy. 52 and then east Hwy. 30 to Humacao. See extra details at Palmas Del Mar Puerto Rico.

Conveniently established at Park Entrance Road, Punta Santiago, Humacao, Puerto Rico, 00791, Puerto Rico, Humacao Nature Preserve (Reserva Natural de Humacao) is the second most well-known landmarks of Palmas Del Mar. The lagoon is an important natural reserve that is protected for study and conservation as it is part of the San Juan Bay estuary. You can see us at Park Entrance Road, Punta Santiago, Humacao, Puerto Rico, 00791, Puerto Rico, and you can reach us at for any queries and reservations. Looking for a great place to see while you’re in Palmas Del Mar Go to Casa Roig Museum and enjoy The Casa Roig Museum is a historic house museum and gallery in Humacao, Puerto Rico. Situated right at 66 Cll Antonio Lopez, Humacao, 00791, Puerto Rico, this landmark is popular among natives and travelers alike. Talk to us and set up your trip to Casa Roig Museum on your next visit to Palmas Del Mar.

Vieques, eight miles from mainland Puerto Rico, has become a popular beach resort with small, upper-end hotels, restaurants, shops, and galleries. With the departure of the United States Army from the island in 2003, Vieques turned its focus to tourism. Beautiful beaches are now supported with a quality tourism infrastructure that attracts both Puerto Ricans and foreign travelers, who take the time to make their way over to the island. There are no large hotels or high-rise condo complexes. At 21 miles long and five miles wide, Vieques is the largest of the Spanish Virgin Islands but still offers a small-island feel. The island is also known for a unique phenomenon at Mosquito Bay (also known as Bioluminescent Bay), where a large concentration of phosphorescent dinoflagellates light up movement in the water at night. Take a tour, either in a boat or canoe, or a bioluminescent bay kayak trip after dark to experience this natural wonder. While this phenomenon occurs in other areas of Puerto Rico, this is this best place to experience it. Vieques can be reached by air or ferry, with ferries departing from Fajardo.

Daniel’s Seafood is one of the most famous restaurants in the area. Known for their creative outtakes on seafood, Daniel’s Seafood is a must visit restaurant place since its famous for their conch and lobsters. When you eat at this restaurant, since most of the products are fresh, you are helping the local fishermen of the region. These are the businesses that are helping Humacao’s local economy. We definitely encourage you to support this restaurant and other businesses like this, because is definitely helping them to bloom after what Hurricane María has represented in the region.

Puerto Rico is a complex island with a Spanish Caribbean culture and an obvious American twist. This is particularly visible around San Juan, with its American chain restaurants and other comforts associated with mainland USA. Venturing further afield, you will find quaint towns, small villages, beautiful islands, caves, and a rugged mountainous interior. Walking the streets of Old San Juan, with its lovely colonial architecture and imposing forts, is like stepping back into another era. This is one of the best places to visit in Puerto Rico, so make sure you allow some time on your itinerary for this city.

Although you’ll love your time outdoors, you can enjoy some downtime indoors at the Palmas Del Mar Casino. The casino is open daily from 10 am to 2 am and has a Vegas style feel with plenty of slot machines and table games scattered throughout the casino floor. Enjoy all of your gaming favorites including poker, roulette and black jack. Palmas del Mar travel arrangements can be made on the Royal Holiday website. Royal Holiday is a members-only travel agency with exclusive offers on world-class vacations. All-inclusive deals and more for Palmas del Mar can be found by becoming a Royal Holiday client. Explore gorgeous Puerto Rico and find all of the amazing things to do while staying at Palmas del Mar. Area highlights include snorkeling, deep sea diving and relaxing at pristine white sand beaches. Find additional information on